F.A.Q. | Wanling Edu


Is there an age limit to pursue the course?

It is open to all aged above 15.

Where can I venture into upon completing the course?

It depends on the courses you signed up. Students will stand a chance to work during events like catwalk shows, weddings and many more. Make-up artists are well sought after in productions for music videos, advertising campaigns, television shows and films. They can also work for celebrities or models during photo shoots meant for publication in catalogues and magazines. Courses for special effect and prosthetics make-up are also available.

Do I need any working experience or academic qualifications to be eligible for your courses?

No. What we need is a strong character who is willing to learn and shows great determination to become a successful make-up artist.

What paper qualification will I receive after completing the course?

There are no ‘qualifications’ in this industry. Your portfolio speaks for itself. Here at Wan Ling Academy, we will compile all your works completed with photo illustrations so that you will be able to present it to potential employers during interviews. You will receive a certificate upon completing the course. Those who excel in the courses will be offered places to further their studies in other institutions of higher learning.

How will you help students in developing their portfolios?

We will guide students on an individual basis by explaining to each of them the importance of having a detailed and impressive portfolio. They must be on their toes all the time, especially during workshops or roadshows where they are required to give live demonstration.

What assistance do you give to your students upon completing the course?

We are open to questions and our door remains open to students who had completed their courses here. We will give guidance, advice and pointers should the need arises. We still keep in touch with our students.

How many students per class? 

We will take in students subjected to availability of places in the class. However, it will not be too crowded as we want to ensure each student receive personal attention during lessons.

How do you sharpen the skills of your students after completing their courses?

The practical trainings and up-to-date syllabus are the perfect ground and materials to ensure students are fully aware of what is expected in the industry. We will also invite guest speakers to give an insight to the students.