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Admission Overview
We believe that an artist should be multi-skilled in order to gain the upper hand and have the edge over others in a highly competitive field.
Here, we bring out the potential in you before developing and nurturing you further to build your own trademark and create your personal style.
Our syllabus covers a complete range of skills needed for a successful artist to prepare the students for employment opportunities upon graduation.
The contemporary, fully air-conditioned classrooms and laboratories are spacious, custom lit and mirror an environment that is specially designed to enable students to work at their maximum efficiency.

Our courses are designed to provide students with all the necessary skills, knowledge and confidence that are on par to that of a professional make-up artist. Courses in Wan Ling Academy emphasises strongly on hands-on approach. Students will be given opportunities to observe the application of make-up techniques during workshops or practical sessions. They will also be taught on various make-up techniques meant for motion picture, theatre and television productions, fashion photography, special effects, lab techniques and fabrication of prosthetics. We encourage students to be creative and imaginative by coming up with make-up style of their own.

Academics grading policy

The grading method is based on practical and theory. Each student is assessed based on the evaluation system as follow: A – Excellent (120-90%), B – (70-89%), C – Average (40-69%), D – Fail (39% and below), Students must prepare themselves well for each lesson and complete their assignments on time.
Students will not be allowed to graduate if he or she fails in an examination or gets a grade D. Extra workshops or repeat in examinations may be required in order to improve on deficient grades.


Good attendance can help students achieve good grades. Students who are absent for more than 25% of the course duration without giving any valid reasons will be dismissed.

Student conduct policy
A student will be dismissed for inappropriate conduct that includes disrupting any teaching, study, activities or the administration of the academy; obstructing any tutors or lecturers in the performance of his or her duties; damaging or wrongfully dealing with any property, including intellectual property. The academy reserves all rights to dismiss students at its discretion at any time.